1. Northern European spruce (Picea abies) from above 60° NL. We are only using spruce as wood for the log cabins, which is very elastic, light and strong. Due to the cold climate in Northern Europe these trees are growing very slowly, and therefore the structure of the wood has a closer density then the spruce that is growing in middle Europe. 

2. Reliable wood harvesting. All the wood we are using is coming from source that are maintained and harvested in an environmental friendly way. So all our products have an ECO certificate. 

3. Traceability. During production all the pieces of wood are getting a printed coding, this coding is helping to give information about origin and quality of the wood. Verhaeghe is the only producer of log cabins that is using this, and can guarantee the origin of his products. 

4. Testing the elements Naturally garden structures made of wood are due to shrinking and swelling in

different circumstances. Verhaeghe controls this process totally: due to a correct moisture content (±18{5b441561cf35935dfa2ac06ce84a7183310dd5753667292a87f9da7f8b8232be}), together with a perfect storm anchoring it will keep all the weather influence under control. 

5. Automated production A highly automated production line and a good team off motivated experienced operators are guaranteeing a perfect product. The complete production is taken place at our factory in Harelbeke (Belgium). 

6. WWS We are proud in using our unique WWS system, that’s being used for all our wall thicknesses: 1 9, 28 and 45 mm. The WWS system is a reliable water and wind tight corner connection. 

7. Soft line finish Thee wooden planks of the log cabins are splinter free, with round edges and a Softline Finish on the corners 

8. Packed with quality. All our log cabins are individually packed in a strong PE-foil, and for storage easily stackable. 

9. Warehouse, store or home Delivery as agreed. 

10. Service Customers speak highly about our service and quality, so if you have any question or need of information about our log cabins please contact our service desk.